How to order a DNA test?

1. Select a DNA test

Each of the tests included in the “Genetic tests” section has an “Order” button. Select the DNA test you want to order and press the button. The test will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

2. Make an order

Sign in to your shopping cart and if you have a discount code or voucher, fill it out. When proceeding with the test order, fill in the details required for payment and delivery. To order a test you need to sign up. If you have an account, sign in. In the process of making the order you will have this opportunity.

3. Take a DNA sample  

DNA Test Kit for NutriGen genetic tests

When ordering a DNA test, you will receive DNA sample kit. Obtaining DNA sample is painless, doesn’t require taking blood and is completely safe procedure. It is done at home without the intervention of a medical practitioner. All you have to do is rub the inside of your cheek with the sterile cotton swabs you will find in the set. Follow the instructions provided.

4. Fill in the information required to order a DNA test

Fill in the required DNA Test Order information in the Service Agreement that you will receive along with the test. Make sure you have filled in your names, the date and time of sampling on the labels you will find in the test kit.

5. Send us your sample

Put the collected DNA sample in the enclosed envelope with one copy of the contract. Shipment costs are covered by us. Follow the shipping information provided in the instructions.

6. Get your results

Your result will be ready within 4 to 6 weeks from the date the sample was sent! You will receive an e-mail informing you of the way you can access the results.

7. Take advantage of the included DNA consultation!

Proper understanding of your test results and creating personal program are crucial steps on the path to changing your way of life. Therefore, each of our tests includes consultation with a medical geneticist trained in reading and explaining of the results. With the help of our specialists you will find out your genetic potential in details and will be able to follow our brief directions for its realization.

You will also have the opportunity to consult pharmacist who will give you information on dietary supplements based on the result of your DNA test, if necessary.

8. Contact a specialist to prepare a specific diet or physical activity for you

Another important step in improving your lifestyle is applying your genetic results to create specific personal program and regimen which is best for you to follow. Our specialists are fully trained and competent in reading your test results and will prepare for you individual recommendations such as suitable diet and physical activity. *This service requires additional payment.