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Diet plan


Healthy nutrition is a key factor in maintaining good health and disease prevention.

To achieve effective results NutriGen offers additional input to your genetic results – personalized diet plan.

The diet plan offered by NutriGen is the only one that is tailored to the individual genetic predispositions and personal needs of the body, resulting from a genetic test.

The consultation gives you the chance to get personalized advice on your carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, the propensity to gain weight from sweet and/or fatty foods, and specific recommendations on which foods to turn to when you need to avoid eating sweet and/or greasy.

You will get directions on how to control sleep-wakefulness and physical exercise.

The diet includes a list of allowed and avoidable foods, a sample day plan and easy-to-use recipes tailored to your specific needs.

The diet modeled after the genetic results is not a short-term decision to lose weight, but a food regime to which you should stick to during your whole life in order to live a healthy lifestyle.



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