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Pharmaceutical consultation


The goal of the personalized pharmaceutical consultation is to resolve the controversy that arises between mass production of food supplements and your individual needs.

The pharmaceutical consultation is an individual care and can be made on the basis of previous anamnesis and test results, specific complaints and issues related to acute or chronic illnesses. In the case of a DNA test, it is also in line with your personal genetic predisposition.

Since we keep transparency and adequate care for each of our clients, the pharmaceutical consultation is not tied to specific brands or pharmaceutical companies. Unless you specifically wish to specify specific products, they will not be affected and imposed by us.

For the pharmaceutical consultation to be as detailed and useful as possible for you, you need to fill in and send us the short questionnaire which you will receive via email after we’ve received your request for the consultation. The questions in it are about your specific complaints and needs, whether you are taking or have taken medicines, herbs or supplements in the past, etc.

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