NG for my employees

Make the DNA tests a part of your company’s social benefits and rewards that increase engagement and boost employee performance.

nutrigenThe application of genetic research as part of the corporate policy related to employee care is becoming growing trend in the US and Europe. The deeper understanding of the need for effective health care in the workplace and the awareness of the benefits it brings to the corporate level has aroused the interest of many companies around the world and to date, some of them are already actively implementing the capabilities of this approach.

We offer to the employers access to various DNA tests with different profiles, contact with specialists who can prepare personalized nutrition and physical regimens, as well as additional research. Contact us for special corporate offers if you are interested.


NGDiabet test allows you to determine predisposition to inherited diabetes, ways to prevent and establish effective therapy.

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NGOncology test allows you to determine predisposition to inherited oncological diseases, ways to prevent and establish effective therapy.
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NGCardiology test allows you to determine predisposition to inherited cardiovascular diseases, ways to prevent and establish effective therapy.
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The NGDiet DNA test allows you to maintain healthy diet and exercise plan based on genetic differences in metabolism, lipolysis and fat absorption. This test investigates:

  • Reactions to diets and training regimens
  • Individual needs to adapt energy
  • Predisposition for slow or rapid weight gain
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The NGSport DNA test allows you to discover the optimal training patterns that will help you achieve your goals. NGSport tests genes in three different categories of sporting achievements:

  • Strength and Endurance
  • Tendons pathology
  • Recovery
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The NGHealth DNA test provides valuable information which allows you to maintaining excellent health and early prevention of potential socially significant health problems and illnesses. The test is informative for:

  • Genetic predisposition to type II diabetes, osteoporosis and rheumatism, cardiovascular disease, overweight and obesity, etc.
  • Food reaction (lactose intolerance, polyunsaturated fats metabolism, caffeine susceptibility, iron overload)
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The NGEstrogen DNA test provides unique information on the individual risks associated with estrogen metabolism. The test helps maintain optimal hormonal balance and provides recommendations for lifestyle, hormonal and nutraceutical supplements. NGEstrogen examines genes related to:

  • Estrogen metabolism
  • Estrogen biosynthesis
  • Phase I and II detoxification
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Genetic studies will help you:

  • assist employees in the company to maintain high tone and optimal physical form that enhances their working capacity;
  • provide full health care at the workplace by effectively preventing and efficiently treating lifestyle-dependent diseases;
  • limit the negative effects and consequences that accompany each treatment of team member;
  • add extra value to standard social benefits packages for company employees;
  • create new opportunities for employee engagement and motivation by providing them with additional stimuli for their workplace achievements.

NutriGen’stesting is already included in the SportPass program, which gives employees in Bulgaria unlimited access to over 70 sports activities in a diverse and ever-growing network of sports clubs.