NG for my clinic

Increase the variety of care for your patients by helping them to improve their treatment outcomes, therapy and regimens by using DNA testing that provides information about the individuals’ genetic profile.

Modern medicine is effective, preventive, personalized, and with proactive patient involvement. It focuses not on the disease but on the means of prevention and provides informed choices about health.

Modern clinics and medical centers provide their patients access to integrated diagnostics, up-to-date equipment and new methods of health care. Therefore, genetic tests present additional advantage not only for the patients but also for the teams of specialists who care for them. Genetic testing is widely used by experts from various fields of work – endocrinologists, nutritionists, gynecologists, physicians and rehabilitation specialists, orthopedists, etc. Test results provide valuable information about the individual body’s specificities of nutrient absorption, the need for physical activity, reaction to exercise and impact of environmental factors. Based on the obtained data the therapy or treatment can be adapted to be even more personalized and highly effective.

We offer training courses that extend the knowledge of professionals and assist them in their work with their clients. This helps to accurately interpret and apply the results, maintains the integrity of the practice and gives clients and professionals the knowledge needed to introduce effective lifestyle changes. To get information on upcoming trainings, please contact us here.

We offer Bulgarian experts access to four DNA tests with a different profile:


The NGDiet DNA test allows you to maintain healthy diet and exercise plan based on genetic differences in metabolism, lipolysis and fat absorption. This test investigates:

  • Reactions to diets and training regimens
  • Individual needs to adapt energy
  • Predisposition for slow or rapid weight gain
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The NGSport DNA test allows you to discover the optimal training patterns that will help you achieve your goals. NGSport tests genes in three different categories of sporting achievements:

  • Strength and Endurance
  • Tendons pathology
  • Recovery
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The NGHealth DNA test provides valuable information which allows you to maintaining excellent health and early prevention of potential socially significant health problems and illnesses. The test is informative for:

  • Genetic predisposition to type II diabetes, osteoporosis and rheumatism, cardiovascular disease, overweight and obesity, etc.
  • Food reaction (lactose intolerance, polyunsaturated fats metabolism, caffeine susceptibility, iron overload)
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The NGEstrogen DNA test provides unique information on the individual risks associated with estrogen metabolism. The test helps maintain optimal hormonal balance and provides recommendations for lifestyle, hormonal and nutraceutical supplements. NGEstrogen examines genes related to:

  • Estrogen metabolism
  • Estrogen biosynthesis
  • Phase I and II detoxification
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